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What if they lied?

You know how they're telling us to eat zee bugs and be happy? And you know that crickets are toxic to humans, right? But they're trying to tell us they're healthy and good source of protein. We will probably never go along with eating zee bugs because thank god, we can see this agenda clearly.

But.... you know how they've also been telling us for decades that red meat is toxic and must be avoided and we should eat more vegetables for our health? What if this is another lie and inversion?

What if red meat is the most nutrient dense health food in the world. What if it contains more vitamins and minerals and nutrients than any other food we have available to us? What if ruminant animals like cows and goats actually have the ability to filter toxins through their multiple stomachs so that we don't get toxins they ingest?

What if salt doesn't cause high blood pressure but is actually the MOST IMPORTANT mineral on earth that literally prevents disease and illness? Ever wonder why docs and hospitals give saline IV drip so often?

What if there are toxic chemicals in plants that literally cause damage to our cells from the inside out? And what if plants are meant to be used as medicine, not for nutrition? And what if we've been eating so many of these toxic vegetables over the last few decades because we think they're "super foods" and that we need to avoid red meat to be healthy but they're actually harming our health?

Oxalate shards under a microscope. Imagine the damage these cause to your skin, organs, eyes, brain, joints etc.

What if they are lying when they say that we need a variety of colourful fruits and veg to thrive. {weren't we taught to avoid the colourful fruits in nature? Poisons}

What if we've been listening to their guidance as to what is considered a health food for this whole time and we're just getting sicker and sicker and sicker?

What if they've been lying to us about literally everything?

What if the Food Pyramid is inverted? What if fruits and veg {nuts seeds and legumes included} have innate plant defense mechanisms {toxins} that are meant to prevent us from eating them?

What if fat doesn't make you fat and your brain and hormones and mood NEED cholesterol from fatty meat to function optimally?

What if we fell for this whole agenda hook line and sinker and we're sicker now than we ever have been?

Research Oxalate, lectins, phytates, tannins, nightshades, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease from fructose. (Fruit) research Carcinogens latent in vegetables.

Look it up! You literally have the world at your fingertips.

Eat meat. Be healthy. Do not eat zee bugs. Limit your vegetable and fruit intake.

Stop letting the people who profit from your illness tell you what to do For your "health"

There's a war going on. The battlefield is the mind. The prize is the soul. Be careful

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