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Welcome to Share the Health

Let your Food be your medicine

Welcome to share the health. This is a place where everyone can come to access alternative and sometimes hidden information on your health. You will find natural remedies, foods that harm and foods that heal. You'll also find herbs, vitamins, minerals., essential oils and supplements that will help you stay on a healthy track or recover from illness or disease. We share some Dietary changes that can help you eliminate inflammation, reverse diabetes and heart disease, lower blood pressure and improve overall health to  become a better version of yourself.


There are energy techniques, and breathwork to help improve your immune system. You will also find detoxification protocols. And we will share hidden ingredients in foods and cosmetics that will cause harm and should be avoided at all costs.  Some of this information is new and backed by brand new science!  Some of it is tried and true remedies and cures that your great-grandmother probably used.  All of this info is free to access and will undoubtedly help you become a healthier version of yourself.

Most of the blog posts contain links to more info and research, studies articles etc.  The ones that don't are remedies, recipes and cures I personally have been using so can testify to the effectiveness of the preventive or curative properties. 

For every disease, an herb to cure it

Thanks for stopping by!

Good Health!
Lori-Anne Victoria

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