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Say no to Fluoride

Fluoride Accumulates in Pineal Gland

Fluoride, added to the water supply of many cities and counties and sold by WalMart in its nursery water, has a tendency to accumulate not only in developing teeth causing discoloration, and in bones making them brittle.

The mineral is associated with cancer and it also accumulates in the pineal gland, an important hormone control center, where it wreaks considerable havoc.

Paul Connett of Fluoride Action Network comments on Jennifer Luke's research which was part of her PhD thesis and had just been published in Caries Research under the title: Fluoride Deposition in the Aged Human Pineal Gland.

Fluoride is a poison, yet we add it to our water and toothpaste and even call it a supplement, although it has no nutritional value. Its medicinal value - the prevention of tooth decay - is the official explanation for adding the toxic mineral to the water supply. But that value is far outweighed by its toxic side effects - amply documented by Paul Connett in his Statement of Concern.

Read the rest of the long thread here: (Including research studies and links to a lot more info for those that enjoy the rabbit hole )

Ending fluoridation is as easy as turning off the spigot at your local water works, but to turn off that spigot requires political will. This is not easy without the help of the mainstream media, but it can be done and we are doing it. Since 1990, over 400 communities in the United States and Canada — representing millions of people — have ended the practice of water fluoridation in their communities.

To build upon this momentum, we have set forth seven ways you can help end water fluoridation. To be an effective advocate, however, you will need to learn as much as you can about the fluoride issue. Thankfully, FAN’s website will allow you to do just that.

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