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Masks and the Ascension Process

Ascension News- Mask and the Ascension process

In layman’s terms:

This is a very short version of a much longer story:

Your body needs oxygen in order to navigate the Ascension process. When your kundalini activates, when your chakras are fired up, your cerebrospinal fluid drips down — from pineal — all the way down your spinal column through your glands and mixes with other fluids and sacred secretions from your other glands - pituitary and thymus, until it gets to your coccyx, or root chakra and then back up firing up your chakras on the way back up. This creates “ascension symptoms”.

When you limit your oxygen, by masking, your cerebrospinal fluid does not Do its job properly. It cannot function. Ascension is hindered.

When you breathe properly, your cerebrospinal fluid becomes ionized and then is able to carry out its function in the ascension and awakening process thereby activating your kundalini , creating the elixirs and firing up all your chakras.

When you wear a mask, you cannot breathe properly, you restrict your oxygen intake so this drastically limits or even disables ionization of your cerebrospinal fluid thus preventing your body from naturally activating the elixirs necessary To start or continue in the Ascension process.


Not a coincidence they Want us to mask during the great awakening.

If you do, for whatever reason, have to wear a mask for any part of your day, you can counteract the negative and harmful effects by doing deep breathing exercises and breath work. Wim Hof is highly recommended.

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