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Emotional Causes of Physical illness or dis-ease

Many physical or mental/emotional issues can have underlying emotional causes. Repressed trauma needs to come out some how some way and can often manifest as pain illness or dis-ease in your body. This chart will help you discern what you may be hiding from yourself that your body is trying to bring to the light for healing.

Emotional Causes of Physical Problems

Right Side of the Body: Masculine energy. Giving, assertive, extroverted. Bringing ideas in to action. Perceptions of masculinity. Problems may indicate: unresolved resentment with males inability to give, inability or over expression of masculine energy, overexertion in work.

Left Side of the Body: Feminine energy. Receiving, passive, intuitive, creative. Reflects relationship with own feminine side and or with females. Problems may indicate: unresolved issues with female, feeling unworthy inability or over expression of feminine energy. Inhibited creative expression or not responding to intuition.

Top half of Body: Communication, senses, emotions, touching. Assertive, active sociable relationships. Problems may indicate: repressed emotional or creative expression. Refer to specific body parts.

Bottom half of Body: Contact with the Earth. Stability, strength, balance, grounding, independence. Problems may indicate: lack of emotional stability, balance or self-support. Refer to other body parts.

Ankles: Support oneself. Stability, balance, being grounded. Flexibility, progress. Adapting to life's changes. Problems may indicate: Resistance to change, inflexibility, ungrounded, uncertain about ones direction in life.

Back: Strength, stability, uprightness and determination in body mind and spirit. Support, self-esteem, responsibility. Problems may indicate: a lack of emotional support or personal strength. Carrying too much responsibility, depending too much on others. Carrying the burden of negative or materialistic thoughts and ideas. Repressed feelings and fears. Lower-back pain may indicate repressed sexuality, anger or financial worries.

Bladder: Signifies emotions and desires. Issues of control. Problems may indicate: trying to control emotions or desires, holding on to old ideas, feeling out of control emotionally. A need for approval, lack of confidence, feeling tired, ineffective. Shyness.

Blood: Represents joy and nourishment of life. Vitality. Problems with blood may indicate: lack of enthusiasm toward life, scepticism, and selfishness. Unresolved issues with family. Toxicity can result from negative destructive thinking. Purifying one's thoughts and emotions greatly influences the health of the blood.

Bones: Foundation and support of our physical, emotional and mental structure. Strength, power and integrity. Earthly lessons. Problems may indicate: Need to become more stable or grounded, lack of internal strength, rebellion. Lack of integrity, building beliefs upon falsehood.

Breasts: (female): Nurturing, giving love and mothering. Woman's self image, femininity. Problems may indicate: over-mothering, unwillingness to nurture, frustrated desires related to child-bearing, overly forceful attitudes, feelings of inadequacy as a woman. Feeling misunderstood or not respected.

Colon: Elimination of the unnecessary. Issues related to control and materiality. Problems may indicate: holding on too tightly to people, material things or the past. Guilt, bitterness, cynicism, doubt, envies. Feeling cut-off, lonely or left out. Repressed rage, fear of rejection, long standing repressed emotions. Financial worries and feelings of scarcity can restrict bowel movements.

Ears: The capacity to hear AND listen. Perceiving the true messages of life. Willingness to hear other's opinions. Problems may indicate: refusal to hear the truth, avoidance of unpleasant issues, refusal to hear other points of view. Lack of enthusiasm, guilt, irresponsibility, emotional repression, unsupportive ness, vindictiveness.

Eyes: Capacity to se life's issues clearly. Open to the world around us. Eyes are a channel for the heart and soul to find expression. Good sight is the physical counterpart of spiritual perception. Problems may indicate: refusal to see the truth, emotional repression, low self-esteem, feeling abandoned, unsuccessful, overwhelmed, lack of motivation, fear of intimacy, or fear of what's inside of yourself.

Face: Attitudes about yourself and life. Ego, self-expression and emotional history. Facing yourself and your issues with honesty and integrity. Hiding yourself or feelings cause your face to be a mask of tensions. Problems may indicate: low self-esteem, poor attitude toward self or life, inability to express emotions, preoccupation with ego, unresolved emotional issues from the past.

Feet: Understanding, balance support, stability, and motivation. Being grounded, the foundation of your body. New experiences. The courage to be your true self. Problems may indicate: Fear of new experiences, out of contact with reality, lack of motivation. Lack of identity, too tired to move forward. Leading others down a dishonest path.

Fingers: Capacity to grasp life's experiences. Extension of the love of the heart and the creativity of the mind. Represent responsibility and the ability to feel. Thumb: will power, strength, control, the conscious mind. Index Finger: ego, judgement, authority, and ambition. Middle Finger: Balance, religion, philosophy, responsibility. Ring Finger: Relationships, heart, creativity, adaptability. Little Finger: Mental/physical communication and expression, the subconscious mind.

Genitals: Relationship to sexuality, courage, will power, assertiveness. The Kundalini or serpent force. Spontaneity, ability to give and receive pleasure. Problems may indicate: Misuse or excessive focus on sex, selfishness, greed, deception, lack of affection, repressed emotions stored in pelvic region. Inhibitions or guilt about sex, anger toward partner, fear of "letting go", inability to surrender to passion or pleasure.

Glands: Integrate and balance your experiences. Vitality, enthusiasm. Secrete hormones that keep body mind healthy which reflect attitudes toward self and life. Problems may indicate: unbalanced attitudes, lack of vitality or enthusiasm for life, low self-esteem or poor attitude toward self or life.

Hands/Arms: Capacity to embrace life. Extension of the heart. Communication and creativity. Reaching for goals, taking responsibility. Ability to give and receive. Problems may indicate: Withholding love, feeling incompetent or insecure, avoiding responsibilities, lack of initiative. Feeling overwhelmed, failure to give or receive.

Head: The way you think about yourself. Decisions, faith, will and intellect. Conscious thinking. Problems may indicate: using intellect to escape from feelings, lack of faith or trust in Divine Love, too wilful or obstinate, overly critical of self or others. What you consciously think and speak affects organs in the head area, throat and jaw.

Heart: The seat of the true inner self. Centre for deep feeling, nurturing, unconditional love, affection, forgiveness, compassion, and sensitivity. Associated with desires. Problems may indicate: Fear of being hurt, insecurity, broken hearted, putting up barriers, arrogance, insensitivity, and intolerance. Misplaced affections or desires, long-held hurt, bitterness, anger, hostility, rage, stress, anxiety. Feelings of hate, fear, resentment, lack of forgiveness block the flow of vitality in the heart.

Immune System: Represents strength, vitality and enthusiasm. Issues related to vulnerability. Strong immune system indicates healthy self-esteem and zest for life. Problems in this area may indicate: lack of enthusiasm for life, critical of self or others, negative or destructive thinking, anxiety or stress due to inability to create positive experiences. Low self-esteem. Creating psychological defences causes stress and lowers your immunity.

Joints: Suggest flexibility and ease of movement in body and mind. Adapting to changing circumstances. Problems may indicate: inflexible attitudes and opinions, sceptical of critical, feeling disjointed. Trying to overpower or feeling overpowered by another's will. For specifics, refer to specific joints arms, knees, etc.

Kidneys: Issues related to letting go of that which is unnecessary. Relationships. Extremely sensitive to emotional stress and will reflect tension, anxiety with impaired functioning. Problems may indicate: Indecisiveness, forcefulness, repressed anger, shame. Intolerance or hostility, emotional pain, fear of being alone, obsessive ness.

Knees: Flexible attitudes. Progress, grounding, self-support, stability, humility. Adapting to changing experiences. Problems may indicate: need to be more humble or flexible, false change, resistance to change.

Legs: Progress, strength, power, balance, confidence. Help carry the weight of life's pressures. Problems may indicate: Feeling unable to carry on, lack of confidence, powerlessness, lack of initiative, fear of progress or change.

Liver: This is the hardest working organ in the body. Related to desires and emotions. Inharmonious emotional conditions. Problems may indicate: suppressed anger, prolonged bitterness, envy, hostility, unhealthy desires, and selfishness. Feelings of despair, hopelessness.

Lungs: Associated with the heart and love. Openness, spontaneity, inspiration. Problems may indicate: Low self-esteem, emotional repression, resisting love, and relationship stress. Feeling unappreciated, selfishness, resentment anger, and grief. Lack of inspiration, too much stressor anxiety.

Lymphatic System: Ability to flow with life and release that which is unnecessary. Brings nourishment to cells, tissues and organs. Restriction of emotional energy will restrict lymphatic flow. Problems may indicate: Being uptight, feeling burdened or confused, resistance to change. Unresolved emotional issues.

Mouth/Jaw: Verbal pathway for emotional and spiritual expression. Issues related to nourishing our body and acquiring possessions. New ideas. Problems may indicate: Indulgence in gossip, lying, constant complaining, or negativity in speech. Unexpressed feelings, held back anger or rage, fear of speaking up for self, feelings of loss or poverty, defiance, stubbornness.

Muscles: Ability to move and express desires. Will, power, strength. Problems may indicate: Overbearing or controlling attitudes, lack of will to move forward. See specific parts of the body where muscles are located.

Neck: Pathway for feelings to become words. Flexible attitudes, seeing things from a different perspective. Creative expression. Problems may indicate: unwillingness to acknowledge feelings, unexpressed creativity, lack of communication, too much responsibility. Rigid outlook on life.

Pancreas: Capacity to balance life. Giving and receiving love. Uncertainty, worry, mental confusion, anger, hostility, bitterness, resentment can take sweetness out of your life and blood. Problems may indicate abandonment issues, feeling unaccepted, self-pity, sorrow, loneliness, trying to hold on to life too tightly.

Shoulders: Responsibility. Self-esteem. Expression of love. Problems may indicate: feeling burdened, carrying the weight of another's demands or expectations. Withholding love. Tension, stress, fear of expression, low self-esteem.

Skin: Self image, individuality, sensitivity and feeling. Letting things go. Problems may indicate: anger, fear, anxiety, and lack of fulfillment. Pimples and boils can represent unexpressed anger or emotions or anxiety over yourself and your relationship with the world.

Stomach: Ability to choose life's experiences. Recognizing what is beneficial, being critical or condemning will affect stomach. Reflects subtle feelings. Problems may indicate: Emotional upsets, worry, fear, anxiety, discontent, and impatience. Feeling you have been treated unjustly.

Throat: Centre of creativity and expression. Verbal channel for the expression of the heart and mind. Problems may indicate: Fear of expression, unexpressed creativity, and fear of success or failure. Lack of identity, lying or negative talk. NOTE- Words are energy in motion and resonate throughout the entire body affecting cells, tissues and organs. Negative words lower your immunity and may cause illness. Positive words revitalize cells and regenerate tissues and organs.

Torso: Relates to unconscious feelings. Organs most affected by unconscious attitudes are: Heart, stomach, lungs, kidneys, uterus, intestines, pancreas, bladder, spleen and lower back. Problems may indicate: unexpressed feelings of guilt, resentment or anger.

Uterus: New and creative ideas. Relationship toward men. Sexuality. Problems may indicate: Holding on to old sexual wounds, feeling unrecognized or misunderstood, repression or guilt regarding sex, fears or anxieties relating to childbearing or motherhood. Issues related to receiving, vulnerability and femininity.

Acne Something we are afraid to look at consciously or directly is rising to the surface. Acne can also arise when more energy is flowing through than we can process. Adolescents often develop acne because their sexual/creative energy begins to surge, yet they lack constructive outlets for it, or repress their energy/desires due to cultural mores. At times of great spiritual growth, we can develop acne or similar skin problems as the blocks in our energy fields erupt, allowing energy that can not flow all the way through our systems an outlet.

Abscess Similar to acne, inner conflicts that are not dealt with and resolved can erupt through the skin.

Allergies Allergies tend to develop when we don't feel at home in our physical body or our physical environment.

Boils Boils can result from situations like with acne, above, or can result from allowing anger to come to a boil, without resolving/expressing it constructively

Brain Problems These occur when one's inner world feels encroached upon. Feelings of mental violation, an invasion of one's inner space, can lead to problems in the brain. We need to feel that our thoughts and inner reality are our own, and are valid.

Burns We often attract the experience of being burned when we allow anger to build up, or are afraid of someone else getting angry with us. Fear of being hurt (playing with fire) can lead us to being burned.

Circulation Problems The Circulatory system represents emotions and the flow of love and affection in our lives. It's keenly tied into our general energy flow, and the constant channeling of energy through from the non-physical into the physical.

Colds Colds are attracted when we do too much, give too much of our time and energy, and have trouble saying "no." It's a way our bodies have of slowing us down and making us regain balance. Developing a cold causes us to reaffirm our boundaries, take needed time to rest, and distance ourselves from others who make demands on our time and energy. Colds can arise from periods of stress and confusion, (note the relationships between stress and the immune system), and they allow those of us who tend to push ourselves to take a needed break.

Constipation Arises from tension, worry and fear of going with the flow, or letting go of control. Can also arise when we get fixated on something, and hold on to emotions that don't serve our well being.

Diarrhea Arises when we feel panicked with new changes and new experiences. There's a need to slow down and process and reflect upon things. It can arise when we're overwhelmed with emotions, either positive or negative, and in situations where we feel "nervous" such as weddings, speeches,

Thumb Problems and issues with authority, a feeling of being "under someone's thumb" or of dominating another in this way can lead to thumb problems.

Index Finger Also linked to issues of authority, especially in terms of one's own leadership ability and self-confidence.

Middle Finger Related to creative expression, especially in terms of one's spiritual perspective and beliefs and experiences.

Ring Finger Problems here are generally tied to issues of marriage and relationship.

Pinkie Linked to issues of sexual expression and energyand issues of communication, both verbal and written.

Headaches Headaches are rooted in worry or the tendency to stress out over problems. There's a need for more constructive/creative thinking, and more optimism. Also linked to intellectualizing, a desire to maintain control, and unbalanced ambition. Hurrying, rationalizing, and blocking feelings or intuition can lead to headaches. If one represses sorrow or emotional pain, headaches will often develop.

Sinus Problems Sinus problems tend to arise from congested thinking. Trying to intellectualize our way out of situations that can only be determined by the heart can lead to sinus infections. This often happens when someone near us is irritating us or violating our needs somehow, and we don't do anything about it. There's a need to get more honest, and express and present to the world our own true thoughts and feelings

Burns We often attract the experience of being burned when we allow anger to build up, or are afraid of someone else getting angry with us. Fear of being hurt (playing with fire) can lead us to being burned.

Circulation Problems The Circulatory system represents emotions and the flow of love and affection in our lives. It's keenly tied into our general energy flow, and the constant channeling of energy through from the non-physical into the physical

Eyes/Vision Vision problems tend to develop when we fear looking at or seeing something. Those who are far-sighted tend to live in the future, worrying about and dreaming about tomorrow, but not seizing today. Short-sighted people can't plan ahead or visualize the future, they tend to believe that things will never get better, and therefore they focus more on where they've been and are than where they want to go.

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