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Eat Local Meat

LOCAL FARMS for pesticide and hormone free meat, eggs, poultry

Due to a dietary restriction, and being unable to eat store bought factory meat, because of the added hormones, chemicals an antibiotics, which contributed to frequent migraines for me, I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with some amazing people and family-run local farms over the past months. Being smack-dab in the middle of Cariboo country, we in Quesnel are lucky to have quite a few local farms within our reach. Not only is this meat, eggs and dairy well above par in terms of quality of meat, most of these farmers deliver.

You can get beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, eggs and honey from the farms in this area. I hear some also have milk. I personally go to and highly recommend Blackwater beef, Cougar Meadows, Hunny Do Ranch and Whispering Winds Ranch.

We have such good farms around here. I’ve been using them for almost a year rather than grocery stores

Blackwater Beef is a family run business North West of Quesnel, British Columbia. We offer quality, grain finished beef at competitive prices. Like we say, "from a steak to a side, right to your door!" We can't wait to hear from you.

We go above and beyond to ensure you get the best quality beef around! Our beef has,

No steroids ☑️ No added horomones ☑️ No antibiotics ☑️ No artificial colors ☑️No added water ☑️

No gluten ☑️

Our cows are,

Raised naturally ☑️Stress free ☑️Healthy ☑️Happy ☑️

We grow all of our own crops and our hay is, Pesticide free ☑️Herbicide free ☑️

Every year we are getting closer to being completely regenerative, and that is great news for us, for you and for the planet!

Cougar Meadows is a Family Owned and Operated farm located in Quesnel BC. We take pride in offering Homegrown, and Homemade products to our community. All of our Meat is Government inspected, Hormone and Antibiotic free. All Meat sold by Cougar Meadows is grown at either our farm or our supply partner and neighbour, Hall's Farm. Both Cougar Meadows farm and Hall's Farm believe in selling ethical and responsibly grown meat. We are excited to start this new adventure in business and hope you will find all that you are looking for. In addition to our meat sales we are launching our own line of bath and body products. Our Farm is constantly changing and were always on the hunt for new ideas. If there is something you don't see offered that you would like to see available in the future please let us know.

Echos Reach Selling humanely raised certified organic pastured pork.

We currently have 27 hens and 2 roosters. After a bit we graduated to trying meat birds. We then purchased 2 weaner pigs, a castrated male and a female, with the intent that they would both be for meat. The female, Crazy Pig stayed and is now our oldest breeding sow. We bought her a friend Digger, she is our other breeding sow. I could not justify having 2 pet pigs so after quite a search we found our boar, Oohtred.

We started raising our own meat animals because we were not happy eating grocery store meat as we did not know how the animals were treated or what they ate. We wanted nutritious, organic food from humanely raised animals.

Hunny-Do ranch is operated under organic principles; the animals are grass-fed, no pesticides or herbicides are used in the hay fields or pastures and no growth-inducing chemicals are used with the animals.

Welcome to Whispering Winds Ranch

We are situated just North West of Vanderhoof, BC in the heart of the Nechako Valley. We are blessed to have 1.5 km of Nechako River frontage. We are a privately owned multi-generation family ranch with a focus on Angus Cross beef cattle and premium quality horse hay in small and medium sized square bales.

Our Mission is to provide your family with the best possible "Beef Eating" experience as well as to provide premium quality hay for your horses. You can order our beef online . Our natural farm raised beef is hormone-free and grass-fed in a natural environment. Find out more about the benefits of "farm raised" or "natural" beef as you browse our site and then order one of our Sampler Boxes or a side or quarter of beef cut and wrapped to your specifications.

There are many other local farms such as Fox Dairy that I have yet to try, so if anyone has any other local farmers they would like to add to this list, please do. Makes it easier for us to all shop local and not have to worry about supply chain shortages. Our local supply is all we need!

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